Copyright Policy

Copyright Protection Policy

At PFYShop, we recognize the paramount importance of copyright protection in preserving the rights of creators for their literary and artistic works. These rights encompass the use and commercialization of these creations and are of significant value. However, with this value comes the responsibility to prevent unauthorized use and to address potential consequences for those infringing on these rights.

In today's digital age, the issue of copyright infringement is widespread, particularly on the Internet, spanning websites, online shops, and social media platforms. Unauthorized use of images is a prevalent form of online copyright infringement, often causing harm to the original creators, particularly photographers and graphic designers.

Our Approach:

  1. Free Images: We exclusively use images and photos explicitly labeled for free commercial use, ensuring adherence to usage rights.

  2. Attribution: Even when permitted for free commercial use, we frequently provide credit to the author by including the photographer or designer's name under the image. This practice promotes transparency about the creator of the work.

  3. Documentation: We maintain thorough documentation of images used for free commercial purposes, preserving evidence through saved links or screenshots of the relevant sites.

  4. Purchased Images: In cases where an image does not permit free commercial use (e.g., from Adobe Stock), we obtain the necessary rights through purchase. We retain invoices as proof of the licensing agreement.

Our Commitment:

In the rare instances where we inadvertently use copyrighted photos from the internet, we are committed to taking immediate action. This includes:

  • Product Removal: Swift removal of all associated products featuring the copyrighted content.
  • Compensation: Retroactive compensation to the author for the unauthorized use of their work.
  • Acknowledgment: Acknowledging and recognizing the creator's contribution to the content.

Upholding Copyright Integrity:

Copyrights represent one of the most valuable assets for every author. Therefore, at PFYShop, we implement comprehensive measures to prevent copyright infringement, aiming to uphold the integrity of creative works and the rights of their respective creators. Our commitment is rooted in respect for intellectual property, ensuring a fair and responsible digital environment for creators and consumers alike.